Yoka van Dyk - ArtiBooks

Yoka van Dyk - All sorts of techniques


An exhibition of Artists'Books
10th to 27th August 2016
ARTS THE CENTER   Front Gallery - 19 Taupō Quay

Artist’s statement

“The versatile combination of the poetic, printmaking and book art holds an endless fascination and inspiration for me.”

Yoka van Dyk was a multi-media artist with a focus on making all kinds of books - with or without content, traditional or non-traditional, one-offs and limited editions.

Making books was her intimate process of writing, creating images, exploring concepts and formats to bring it all together. These artist books are her letters of existence, marks left behind through her life's journey as an expat living between New Zealand and The Netherlands.

UNFOLDING was an exhibition at Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts in Palmerston-North by artists who realised art in the form of a book.

Yoka at work - Vita Silente

Yoka at work                     Vita Silente, poem&lithographs, mezzotint

Yoka van Dyk - River Series

Yoka van Dyk, River Series, concertina, etching

Yoka van Dyk - Written Exposures

Yoka van Dyk, Written Exposures, concertina, etching

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