Yoka van Dyk - ArtiBooks

Yoka van Dyk - Bookarts

Workshops Yoka gave

Traditional and non-traditional Bookbinding,
from basics to advanced
♦ Books with content: content development,
  text and image in a particular format
♦ Making a personal diary.
  Yoka inspired people towards making visual diaries
♦ Box making: from funky to snazzy presentation boxes
♦ Book Art;  experimental books: expanding the book
  format along with conceptual content
♦ Special group projects: making a collaborative book,
   for a particular occasion, as team building exercise
♦ Printmaking: concept development and
  techniques with and without a press
♦ Calligraphy: various scripts and applications
♦ Decorating paper: marbling, paste papers
  and other techniques
♦ Design: how artists have applied design principles
  throughout art history; hands on projects
♦ Painting and drawing as meditation