Yoka van Dyk - ArtiBooks

Yoka van Dyk - All sorts of techniques


Limited  edition  and one-off ArtiBooks
with text and images by Yoka van Dyk
  • Ten Haiku
  • NZ Haiku
  • Postcards from Within
  • Vita Silente
  • Small Marks
  • Ocean Songs
“Books are your own personal spaces. You can furnish them as you please to make them delightful and intimate sanctuaries. You can create your own books through the power of your own imagination and attention. Simply focus and start collecting your thoughts, daily observations, dreams, memories, ideas and start making books. Books are cultivated private collections of the personal and your (extra) ordinary life. The personal is poetic. Poetry is in the ordinary. It is what books are made of.”
                                                  Yoka van Dyk