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Yoka van Dyk; Bookarts and Printmaking.

In 1994 Yoka gained a diploma in Visual Arts and Design at the Hawkes Bay Polytechnic (now EIT), majoring in printmaking and painting.
After working three years as a tutor in Arts and Crafts she returned to study. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Wanganui Polytechnic in 1999, graduating with distinction in Printmaking and Book Art.

Yoka van Dyk holded an Advanced Certificate in Adult Education and has taught bookbinding and book art electives, design and printmaking at the Wanganui Quay School of Art. She completed a Masters degree in Art and Design with first class honours through Auckland University of Technology in 2005.

As a member of the Central Print Council of Aotearoa New Zealand and the NZ Association of Book Crafts, Yoka lived in Wanganui and teached classes and workshops throughout New Zealand, next to exhibiting and developing her own work as a printmaker, installation and book artist.

Yoka died peacefully at Hospice Wanganui on 27 April 2015 in the company of loving friends.

* Interview in the Wanganui Midweek, August 8th 2012.